|| Wrap-Up || Jan 2019

Hi everyone, I know it’s a little late but I’m here with my January  wrap-up! The year started off really well for me in terms of reading, so here are 5 mini book reviews.

Beneath a Sugar Sky

I gave the first two books in the series a 4.5 star rating on Goodreads but sadly this one is  lower for me. The characters, as usual, are fantastic and one of the things I love about the author is her dedication to diverse and original characters, but I did feel like Cora let this book down a little. I feel as though her character didn’t really have much of a personality so I don’t think this novella was as poignant as the last two but I still have high hopes for the series and look forward to reading more of the authors work! Full review HERE.


This is a book that has been on my radar for ages and I finally got around to reading it! While it was a lot of fun, and quick to read, I felt as though not much actually happened and though it was dark in places I was expecting a lot more from the characters. I did love the setting though, and the kind of background characters were all very interesting. My main issue though is that I couldn’t pinpoint who the book is aimed at, the writing style is what you would find in a middle grade but the content is adult so the whole book felt a little ‘off’ to me.

The Psychology of Time Travel

Over-all I really enjoyed this book, the author deals with mental health and the power of love and friendships in a way that makes the book very heart-felt, It’s a complex read but the writing style and characters are wonderful and I’m really looking forward to seeing what Kate Mascarenhas does in the future. If you’re into sci-fi/time travel stories and murder mysteries I think this would be the perfect book for you! Full review HERE.

The Skeletons Holiday

I picked up a few of the modern classics for £1 early last year and finally read this short story collection by Leonora Carrington and found it to be a mixed bag. Some of the stories were fantastic and I would have loved them to be longer but others were either too short or too surreal even for me! I’m really interested in reading more by this author though, because the writing style really gripped me.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Overall this was a fantastic book, yes it had some faults, the ending wasn’t the greatest, but it was an entertaining read and something new, using social media and YouTube as an aid to get the story across, and it really worked. I’m so happy to see Hank getting his moment and showing the book world what he has to offer and I’m excited to see what his writing future holds, I mean, I’m hoping it’ll hold a sequel because it could do with one! Full review HERE.

Thank you for reading, let me know what you read in January in the comments, I would love to hear! Amy x


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