|| Book Review || Beneath the Sugar Sky

I am a huge fan of Seanan Mcguires Wayward Children series and for Christmas the latest book was on the top of my wish-list so, of course, I dived right in. Here’s my thoughts!

For anyone who hasn’t read this series, I highly recommend it, all of the books are set in the same ‘universe’ but advertised as stand-alone novellas,  I would however recommend reading Every Heart a Doorway first to get an idea of the world and lore surrounding it. It’s fantastically imaginative while staying true to some of our most well-loved and well-known fairy tales and McGuire’s writing style is fantastically suited to retellings.

I gave the first two books in the series a 4.5 star rating on Goodreads but sadly this one is  lower for me. The characters, as usual, are fantastic and one of the things I love about the author is her dedication to diverse and original characters, but I did feel like one character let this book down a little. Although I respected Cora’s backstory and constant struggle with her weight, I felt as though she didn’t really have any other defining factors and her personality paled in comparison to the likes of Rini and Kade.

I did however love revisiting worlds previously mentioned in the series and the addition of a new one, it’s a fascinating world/universe to read about and I couldn’t even begin to write a story so imaginative. However this is the first time I’ve read one of these novellas and felt it was far too short and rushed, I think the big cast of characters and multiple worlds needed more time and more pages in order to be fleshed out enough.

Overall I still think of this series very highly and love that McGuire promotes diverse characters (race, disabily,sexual identity, gender identity… just to name a few) all the while being thoughtful and respectful creating stories with meaning. I don’t think this novella was as poignant as the last two but I still have high hopes for the series and look forward to reading more of the authors work!

If you’ve read this series or any other books by Seanan McGuire please let me know what you thought of them!

Love, Amy x




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