|| Book Review || The Psychology of Time Travel

Just before Christmas I was accepted to read an ARC copy of The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas and I finally got around to reading it, so here’s a small review!

|| Review ||

In the late 1960’s four women embark on a journey to create a time machine, a scientific breakthrough which will change their lives forever. One of the ladies , Bee, suffers from a breakdown which could have major ramifications for the teams future and is forced out of the group. 50 years later, time travel is a huge business but Bee has nothing to do with it, but when her granddaughter is sent a message from the future, a newspaper clipping reporting the mysterious death of an elderly lady, we see her story unfold.

My favourite thing about this book was it’s all-female cast, each character was wonderfully unique and diverse ( in race, sexuality and personality) and each had their own ‘voice’ which made the story really interesting. It was fascinating to read about the mentality each character had when dealing with a situation and psychology and mental health played a huge part, but the author treated those with respect and it made for a very thought-provoking read.

My one problem with the writing was the sheer amount of characters and time jumps, I often found myself looking back to the chapter header to see where in the time-line I was. It did feel over-whelming at times and you really need to focus to understand the story properly, it’s not a ‘light read’ by any stretch. Although confusing for me personally, the author did a great job of making intertwining the stories and characters and I really appreciate how difficult that must have been.

Over-all I really enjoyed this book, the author deals with mental health and the power of love and friendships in a way that makes the book very heart-felt, It’s a complex read but the writing style and characters are wonderful and I’m really looking forward to seeing what Kate Mascarenhas does in the future. If you’re into sci-fi/time travel stories and murder mysteries I think this would be the perfect book for you!

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for sending me a copy to review, I really appreciate it! If you’ve read this or are looking forward to it, let me know in the comments! Amy x





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