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For the first time in a while I felt really inspired and creative, so I took a couple of hours out of my day to have a little photography session. Here’s a little information of my photography and editing style for my bookstagram!

The first thing, and possibly the most important thing, is to have fun and find a style that you personally enjoy, rather than thinking about ‘likes’ and engagement. I found that my lighter, more minimalistic theme got more likes overall but I didn’t find myself enjoying the process of shooting/editing them as much as my new, more vibrant theme.

Personally I find it really fun to play with angles and colour but keep the background and props quite simple. I don’t like to keep all of my books in the same position, I change it up, some days it’s a flay lay, other days a book stack, but I like that. My main ‘theme’ is more about colour and editing style than it is photography style! My favourite props to use are my plain black glasses, or candles, I find them really easy to incorporate into my pictures and it just adds a small point of interest, using other books is a really quick and easy idea too (see below).

Just in case anyone is wondering how I shoot my photos, I always use my bed to set up books because it’s right by my window so I can get a good amount of natural light,  also have white light bulbs in my room rather than the usual warm ones, which I love! I mainly use my digital camera for taking photos (it’s a canon powershot sx530) but have started using my phone camera if I need to be quick or have a flash of inspiration!

My editing process is really quite simple, I use Snapseed and focus mainly on brightening the whole image (using the exposure brush on the background) and making the colour and black parts of the image really stand out using the contrast, brightening and saturation sliders. Then in Instagram I use the Juno or Ludwig filters to get the same kind of ‘style’ and make my feed cohesive.

I tend to find inspiration from other wonderful bookstagrammers and also from pinterest, my theme and style has changed quite a bit in the last year but I’m really happy with where it is now.

Let me know if you would like to see more like this, if you have any ideas just pop a quick comment and tell me, any feedback is appreciated! With love, Amy x


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