||DIY Christmas Wrapping ||

Easy ‘gift bag’ wrap

This is the handiest trick I’ve learnt this year for those hard to wrap gifts, turn your paper into a bag shape, drop the present in and then seal as normal!

  • step one: Cut a piece of paper slightly more than double the width of your gift, leaving room at the bottom and top for folding.
  • step two: fold the paper so that both sides meet in the middle, then tape the two sides together to form a tube.
  • step three: make a fold at the bottom of the paper and then open the paper up. flatten out the corners to make diamond shapes.
  • step four: fold in the top and bottom folds into the middle of the diamonds and tap the sides together.
  • step five: Open out the bag, pop in your present and Ta-da all you have to do is tape up the other end and decorate! You can use the same method and use ribbon to make handles and it’s a make-shift gift bag.

The Satisfying pull tag

you know when you get an amazon order and it’s the type of perforated box that opens in one satisfying motion? let’s re-create that!

  • Step One: Cut out your paper to the right size for your gift.
  • Step two: Use a piece of ribbon and stick it along the inside of your paper with tape, leaving some extra ribbon at the end for the recipient to pull. (make sure to check where you want the pull to be before sticking)
  • step three: Wrap your gift as usual, but don’t put tape too close to the ribbon or it will get stuck. 
  • Step four: I attached the end of the ribbon to a gift tag, wrote on a little ‘pull me’ message and stuck it to the front of the gift. Voila! An extremely satisfying gift to unwrap.

Polaroid Gift Tags

Bored of plain gift tags and writing out names, attach polaroid photos to your ribbons for a personal touch. No Instax? No worries! Here’s a simple DIY!

  • Step one: Use some card and cut out the shade of a polaroid frame, or use scrapbooking frames that can be found in The Range/ HobbyCraft.
  • step two: Use a hole punch to create a hole in the top centre so you can thread through some ribbon, thus, making a tag. If (like mine) the top isn’t wide enough, cut out a hole in a small piece of card and glue it to the back.
  • step three: Stick a photo of your choosing to the frame, now it looks like a polaroid photo! If you want to cover the back, use some extra card, scrap wrapping paper or washi tape. I think it would be so cute to use a photo from a previous Christmas or holiday as a little momento for them to keep.

Clay Decoration Tags

  • Step one: figure out what shape you want your tag to be and make a template. I made an initial for everyone in my family and traced images from google. 
  • step two: Roll out your clay (I used this one, but oven clay would probably be better) until it’s pretty thin and lay your template on top.
  • step three: cut around your template with a craft knife or scissors, don’t worry if it’s a bit jagged, you can use your fingers to shape the clay so it’s neater. Remember to put in a hole so you can thread string though!
  • step four: Once your clay is dry (I used air dry) paint it however you wish! I went for a red and white scheme. For the white I first used a white gel pen I had lying around and then went over it with acrylic.
  • step five: once that’s all dry apply a layer of mod podge or paint sealant so that your tag/decoration will last longer (I found using a sponge worked best). Honestly, clear nail varnish would do the trick too. 
  • step six: Once dry, thread through some ribbon or string and your tag is complete! I’ve made them for all of my family so we can re-use them next year as tree decorations.

Other Ideas

  • instead of using clumsy ribbon use washi tape to decorate parcels
  • This is inspired by my friend Becky who did this a few years ago, Cross stitch tags and cards! So cute!
  • Last year I stamped images onto kraft paper and tags, it was super time consuming but was actually quite relaxing and looked pretty good too!
  • use old candle jars/mason jars/ dessert pots and use them as containers for sweets, small craft supplies or make up a little hot chocolate set with cocoa, marshmallows and other toppings!
  • use the left-over card from inside wrapping paper or a toilet roll tube to wrap a parcel that looks like a Christmas cracker.
  • use a bandana/head scarf to wrap a gift so they can re-use it, and it’s waste free!
  • spell out names or festive words with alphabet beads and thread your ribbon/twine through them as easy decoration, and it’s any easy way top tell parcels apart.
  • use yarn to make pom-poms and tassels , super easy to do but super effective, I made loads last year and they looked great!
  • for more ideas check out my pinterest board here!

I really hope this is useful for someone out there who loves wrapping gifts as much as I do! I genuinely find it one of the most satisfying things in the world. If you have any tips/tricks/DIY for gift wrapping let me know it the comments! Happy Holidays, Amy x


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